2 Coaches, Both Proven Internet Marketing Million Dollar Makers, Are Eager To Make YOU Their Next Success Story


Warning: Less than 1% ever make any money online. Are you in that 1%, or in the 99+% who are failing?


Read this letter - We'll show you a better way!


From: JayKay Bak & Sean Mize

To: You IF you are tired of watching others make big bucks online while you make little or NOTHING

S... Reading This Sales Page
I Trust These Guys So...

  • Are you frustrated because you aren't having the success you have dreamed about online?

  • Is one of the things that is holding you back online the fact that you know some of the parts of what to do, but for some reason when you try to do things, they don't all fit together, or work the way they are supposed to?

  • Are you frustrated because you have been working really hard to make money online, and working long hours, but don't have much to show for it?

  • Are you frustrated because every time you buy another training that promises some new "secret" that it is really just some teaching with a new angle to it - but nothing really new?

  • Have you tried system and system, program after program, and they all end up the same way - without making you the money you know you deserve?

  • Are you tired of buying product after product, learning one new technique, only to find that you need "just one more" to have success?

  • Does it anger you that there are folks online selling 3 click-riches programs that just flat-out don't work?

  • Are you frustrated with trying tactic after tactic and technique after technique only to not make the kind of money you've been dreaming about?


Are you living the financial life you desire?


If not, let us ask you this: why not?


You are online, searching...


You have likely bought products or trainings that have not gotten you the results that you want. Was it something like this: a fancy, hyped up sales letter promised you that in just a few days, you would know all the secrets you needed to make all the money you ever wanted? Yeah, we know the page


And it's not your fault. We've both bought trash like that. So have many thousands or millions of others. In fact, do you know there are people online who make a living just selling products to people who will never get results?


That's right. And many times those products are empty - not literally, but in their meaning. Because you can study 10 hours of training, watch videos, read tutorials - but you know how it is, you get to something you don't "get" and you get stuck. You literally CANNOT implement what is taught unless you ask a question. But you hit reply to the email you got from the seller and no one responds. Or they tell you to submit a support ticket to some firm in India. (Nothing against India, but hey, can someone making $2 an hour in India really tell YOU how to make $100k here???)


Here's the thing, there are some specific steps that must occur in order to make money online. And if all of those elements aren't in place, you probably aren't going to make any money. Period.


You see, building an online business is much like building an offline business. For example, if you were to open a sandwich shop, what would you need?


You would need:

A location (preferably one where there is a lot of traffic out front during lunchtime)

A good sandwich recipe

A toaster oven

A cold case

A refrigerator

A cash register

A few employees

A method of telling people you are open (advertising, signage, etc.)

If any one of those elements are missing, you aren't going to be making money

If your sandwiches are no good, no one's coming back

If you don't have a cash register and a person to take the payments, you won't have money coming in

If you don't have a location or advertising, no one is coming in to buy sandwiches


And it's the same online


You need:

A location (a website)

Something to sell that people want to buy

A delivery mechanism for delivering that something (either postal system if selling a physical item, a digital download system if selling information)

A selling mechanism (meaning a way to tell other people that you have something of value that is convincing enough for people to pay you)

A way to take money (merchant account, shopping cart, etc.)

If any of these is missing, you aren't going to be making any money


If you are trying to sell something no one wants, you aren't going to make sales. And unfortunately, I see too many people come into online marketing with an idea that is really cool - but no one wants to buy it. And they spend their time trying and trying to talk people into it, but still no one buys. Why not just find something to sell or teach that others really want to buy????


If you don't have a website so people can find your product, if you don't have a way to deliver it, if you don't have all those pieces in place, you just aren't going to be making money online


So what about you?


What piece is missing for you?


Are you in the wrong niche?


Are you selling something no one wants?


Or maybe you have something everyone wants, but you are doing a really lousy job of telling them about it


Maybe you have a lousy sales page. Maybe when someone joins your list, your email campaign is really lousy


Maybe your emails turn people off instead of turning people into buyers


So what is it?


What is holding you back from the online success that you want?


The truth of the matter is this: You can blame the bad products you bought


You can blame the bad training you have received


But the fact remains - if that training didn't teach you each of the components we just shared with you, then of course it didn't work


It doesn't matter what the sales page said, or how strong the guarantee was


We don't have a staff of 50 people, and tell you you can duplicate what we do from your spare bedroom


Ever tried to fit 50 workers in your bedroom? Go ahead and laugh. Laugh out loud. We are. Because it doesn't work


So let's face it - your best way of learning isn't learning from some long haired hippie kid who's laying on the beach, nor to learn from some stuffed shirt accountant with 27 employees (unless that's what you want to be)


Your best way of learning is to learn from someone who does what you want to do


We do


Here's what we do:


We have a time-tested proven system for getting people from starting out to making $6,000.00+ a month selling information products


We have squeeze pages that convinces people to become subscribers


We have more than 200 sales pages that convinces people to buy our products, invest in membership sites and/or enroll in coaching


And we have a powerful email campaign that strategically convinces people to invest with us


That's what we do


It is our system


It works


We don't have any other source of income, outside of this online business


And we can teach you to do the same


From home. From your laptop. From a coffee shop. While traveling


That's what we do


Our entire business is on our 2 laptops (and no worries, it is backed up on remote servers as well :-) )

So we work from home sometimes

We work from a coffee shop sometimes

We work while traveling sometimes

But always on our laptops

Is this what you want?

If so, we can teach you

Now, one of the things we teach our clients is to have a simple system


Meaning: consistent traffic, a consistent squeeze page, a powerful email campaign that you write once, a sales page to sell your information, a coaching program so people can ask you questions


That's all


If you want something more complicated, go somewhere else


Sorry, that sounds harsh. It's not. Just the truth


So our system is simple


We don't beg, plead, cajole, sell your name, lie, cheat, disappear, pawn you off to a $2 worker in India, or anything else like you've seen other people doing


We simply teach you our system


If this sounds good to you, we're going to make you an offer you can't refuse. Ok, well, you can refuse it. But it will be an offer that will change your life if you take us up on it


And if it doesn't, get your money back


That's right: Here's the way it works: You pay a monthly fee to work with us. If at any time you aren't getting 100% value from our training, we'll refund your last payment, and cancel your training. So what that means is, you can get started today, study for 30 days, and if on the 30th day, you want out - just let us know. We'll refund your money and cancel everything


And one more thing: there are no guarantees of income. No wild testimonials of freak individuals who "made $1 million dollars working with us in 22 days" with a big FTC disclosure about how this is "not typical results". Well of course that's not typical results! It has probably NEVER occurred before


Look, if you are looking for get rich quick, this isn't it


We're not for you


Because making real money online isn't 3 clicks and then you make a million


Nope. It takes time. The first month you figure out what you are going to sell and maybe start creating it


The second month you start building a list and selling it


The third month you make more sales and start scaling things


It's not realistic for it to happen any faster than that, no matter what anyone else has told you


But let us ask you this, if in the next 3-6 months, you could radically change your life and get on the path to success selling information products and offering a little coaching, would it be worth it?


Would that make a difference in your life?


What would be different?


How would it change the way you live?


The way you travel?


The way you relate to others?


If it would make a difference, let's get started today, shall we?


$97 Scratch that - $47 a month - LIMITED Seats

Perhaps when you got started online a year or two ago, you were thinking that by now you would already have full time income coming in, that you would have paid off all your bills, that you would have taken a month - long vacation to your favorite place.

You were excited about all the wonderful things that were going to happen to you - and you were thinking that by now, you would have all that, right?


So what happened?


  1. Perhaps you started by buying some trainings from different successful people online, and each one taught you something - but never everything

  2. Perhaps you even got addicted to buying trainings - in fact, substituting buying trainings for doing real work

  3. It's easier to buy another training than to shut out the rest of world, and just focus on what you know how to do

  4. Or maybe when you sit down to work, you know so much about what to do that you get overwhelmed with what is the exact next step for today


You see, you might have a list of 100 things or 1000 things that you need to do to be successful


You got that list by accumulating all the different things you have learned from many different people


And maybe you have thought that if you just did all of them, then you would have success


But in reality, it's impossible to do everything


Successful people don't


In fact, although successful people tend to work smarter, and with more perseverance than unsuccessful people, they don't always do more things


Successful people tend to be highly focused, and work on a few very specific things that get results for them


That's why we're very focused about our traffic, getting it from just 2 tight sources


That's why we're very focused about what we sell - we only sell what we know will give our clients results. Period. We get requests all the time to promote this, promote that, but we don't want to promote anything that doesn't get results. And that's one big reason why Sean created so much of his own training that is now all included inside Work At Home Success Academy  - We've both been so utterly disappointed with most of the training out there


Or maybe you are frustrated because although you know how to
do these things, when you go to do them, you get stuck...


The truth of the matter is this: You need a coach.


That's what working with us will be like!


Here's the thing - you've been struggling because you've been trying to do it on your own. Sure, you might be buying a training here, a training there, maybe you are addicted to WSOs and you buy a new one each day. But that's not real advice. That's just one more 5 hours worth of things to do. But if they don't all fit together, you have nothing


And you don't want to continue down that path, do you?


In fact, we think that's why you are reading this - because
you want to change your life once and for all, right


You want to finally make things happen online
so that you have the success you deserve


Here's the thing - We don't know what you want for success


It might be $3000 a month, it might be a million a month


And you can do either


So let us ask you this, what kind of income do you need so that you will be able to write your own ticket for the future?


We mean, really, what would that really mean for you?


  • Would it mean that you could take your family on a one month vacation anywhere in the world you want to go?

  • Would it mean that you could pay off all your debts so that you never have to owe anyone anything anymore?

  • Or would it mean that you could give more to your church, or to people who have less than you?

  • Let us ask you this, who could you help?

  • Is there someone or a people group that you really have a heart for, but you just don't have the money to spare right now to help them?

  • How would it feel to be able to give an extra $1000 to your church from time to time?

  • What about to give $1000 to a needy family in your neighborhood, how would it feel to be able to just give them a $1000 from time to time to really help them out?

  • How would that feel?

  • Would it feel good, like, I'm glad I was able to finally do this?


Here's the thing - as you know, what you have been doing isn't working. It's not working because you aren't making the money you want to.


Do you know how many people we talk with who tell me that they are "intermediate" or "advanced" marketers but they just aren't making any money?


Perhaps you feel that way


Like you know all the steps, like you could tell someone else what to do and how to do it


But when it comes to you - and you go to get started today on building your business - you go blank. You don't know what to do next


Does that sound familiar?


Here's the thing: The web has changed a lot lately. There is an
overload of information online. Some people call it
information overload


And it's becoming a bigger and bigger problem online these days, because as there is more and more information free for the taking, it just creates more confusion


You have too much information

It would be like learning how to swim or do karate or snowboard, and instead of having one person telling you what to do, there are 17 coaches standing on the sideline, simultaneously screaming out what to do next. You would get utterly confused and overwhelmed, right? We know we would!


Read this carefully:


  • You probably already KNOW more than enough to build a real business, the problem is, you don't know which part of what you know is relevant to you...

  • And until you have someone personally show you which part you need for YOU - then you will likely continue to fail to reach your goals online

  • The truth of the matter is this: lack of information isn't why you aren't making more money right now

  • You probably have hundreds of hours of training on your harddrive right now

  • You probably own multiple WSOs, if you wanted to right now you could find 100 hours of training online for $100 easily. You may have 100 hours of our training on your computer

  • And the truth of the matter is, when you listen to all this training, from Sean or anyone else, you probably think, yeah, this is great information, this could work for me


But it doesn't


Either because you don't do it right


Or because you don't do it at all, because tomorrow you buy another training program to do something else


So if information isn't the answer, what is?


Why aren't most people making money online, when there is more information than ever before ready for the taking?


Here's the thing, some people are


Some of our clients are


Some of our peers are


I know people who make anywhere from 10k a month to 1 million a month


What's different with these people?


Why aren't most people making it, including you?


One reason is that they just don't know what to do


These People know what the next step is, every single day when they wake up in the morning . . .And they do it!


Let's face it, even with hundreds of hours of training on your harddrive - you STILL don't know what you very next step is


Each day you should know the EXACT next step
YOU need to take to grow your business


Another confusion is that what many people are teaching in the programs you buy is NOT what they themselves are doing to make a living


Read this:

People are selling push button, 3 clicks and you're rich training for $197 that claim to teach you some simple system where you just have to push 3 buttons and the money comes rolling in.


But they aren't doing the 3 click system themselves. No, they make their money when you buy their $197 system. That's how they make their money. And to get people to buy, they craft a simple system that looks real easy to do, just so you'll buy the system.


But they aren't making money with the system, they are making money from selling a $197 program teaching you to do a system they have never done themselves.



Feeling sick yet?

You should be

It's just plain wrong

It's plain old stealing


So what about the other end of the spectrum?


Maybe you've bought a $8k or $10,000 program and you were sorely disappointed. It wasn't outright fraud like the $197 example above - but there was so much complexity and work involved that you just didn't follow through. And when you asked for help, no one wanted to help. Because s/he already had your money...


Look, if that's happened to you, you are probably feeling angry right now. You see, that's wrong too


So what's the answer?


Frankly, it's so simple, yet for most people frighteningly difficult to do


You see, to make an income online, make a real, fulltime,
$100K income, YOU need a very special mix of ingredients


  • You need traffic

  • You need an entry level product to sell

  • And you need a coaching program

  • And you need them all in a very special mix

  • Too much of one and not enough of the other, and you'll fail

  • Too much of another, and not enough of the other, and you'll fail

  • The mix is critical

  • How would it feel to have the mix?


How would it feel to be able to crank out
$100k in the next 12 months online?


What would you do with the extra money?

How would your life change?

Here's the thing - We have the mix

We know what works

We know what doesn't

The fads don't

Studying the latest WSO doesn't

Buying more products doesn't

We know what to write in each email

We know what to put in a product to make sales

We know what to put in an email campaign, so that people buy

We don't say all this to brag, but it's the truth


That's right



Hi JayKay

Thanks for your time and patience, it's been a pleasure actually dealing with a person and not an internet marketing sharks robot mail responder, it's been a breath of fresh air.

I took a look at your other stuff and liked what I saw especially your charity work, I've worked in many of these countries during my Senior Pipeline Construction Inspection career and know what these places are like.

Kindest regards and god bless, you're a man in a million.

Peter Bailey


That's where the real work gets done

Here's where the real breakthroughs happen


And that's why we have created this brand new coaching program, so that you can be coached by Sean in your own pace to get you those breakthroughs


We push you to get to the next level, whatever that is for you. So if you are at $0, the goal might be $3000 a month. Or if you are already at $3000 a month, the goal might be to get you to $6000


But the key here is that we don't promise you to make $100k in 3 months nonsense "systems" that don't work. Look we can't promise anyone any level of income. You will only make as much as you sell, period. And if you have lousy products to sell, probably no one's buying. And if your sales letter and email campaign are lousy, probably no one's buying


If you don't want to change your life this year, this coaching is not for you


  • Because we're going to push you

  • We're going to push you to be the very best

  • To get to the success you deserve

  • Because we believe that will change your life


Sure, at first it may only replace what you already make


But once it frees you of your day job,
then you can really dig deep and scale your business as big as you want


You can choose to just drive more traffic and make more autopilot sales


Or you can choose to go big and coach others at big levels (imagine the people you can coach when you can tell them you made $$xxxx your first year with the system)


What would an online information business mean for you, personally?


Think about it for a second


Would it mean that you could take a longer vacation this year?


Maybe your wife could quit the job she hates?


Maybe your grandchildren can go to a better college, where they really want to go, not just where they can afford


What would it mean for you, personally?


Would you be able to give more to your church?


Pay off your home early?


Travel more?


Really, deep down inside, what would it mean for you to have your own information business this year that is actually profitable??


So what about YOU?


What would it mean for YOU?


  • Would it "open a gateway for you and your family to have the financial freedom to do the things you want to do"?

  • Would your life go from "working a job" to "working a dream"?

  • Would it reduce stress in your life?

  • Would it make life easier in your family?

  • Would it allow you to help more people?

  • Would it provide your family with stability, income, less worry, and options for education that would not otherwise be possible?

  • Would it open up the path to a much more comfortable life and help you teach your son, your wife and your grandson the value of dedication?

  • How would YOUR life change with more income?


Here's the thing with our help you CAN get there, you can make the money you deserve


You can


You just have to take the next step


Get started with us


You will have a breakthrough


If you don't we'll give you your money back, period


We'll Teach you, Push you, Direct you, Mold you & Give you the exact answers you need to build a thriving information business


By the way, it won't be easy. If you want easy, go buy another $197 3-Click program, or another $7 WSO. Easy doesn't work


It will be hard work


If you still have hair, you will pull some of it out


You will get so frustrated you can see straight


We'll tell you exactly what to do next


And you will do it


And you will have another breakthrough


So what is all this training worth?


Let me ask you this -

What SHOULD we sell it for?

You see, the knowledge is in our heads


We have used our knowledge to generate over $3,000,000.00

What would it be worth to you to generate just $500,000?

Some people would be thrilled to get a 1000% percent return.

That would be an investment of $50,000 -

Invest $50,000 and turn it into $500,000.

And many more would be willing to invest $5,000 to make $500,000


But the truth of the matter is that not everyone has the success we've had

We're both what they call "not-typical"

We've had results that are "not typical"

And the average person just doesn't get results like this

And we don't know how hard you will work, nor the results you will get


But let us ask you this, would it be worth a few hundred a month to gain complete financial freedom and change your life completely?


How would your life change?


Would you feel like you have really accomplished something, like you have done something you could be proud of for yourself?


Over and above all the money, would it be personally satisfying to achieve success, to be able to say you "did it"?


Look, this is real


YOU can do it


And you need our help to take you every step of the way


We're going to personally guarantee your business


Get started with us today, if in 30 days, you haven't had the most amazing experience ever, and are not absolutely blown away by our training, get your money back


That's right - get started with us today - and not only will we give you your money back if you aren't blown away in the first 30 days - instead of one big upfront payment, this is easy monthly payments - so you can cancel at any time. The only thing we ask is that if you don't like the program at any point - let us know that month, we'll give your money back, but if you stay in the program and take the lessons, it's not fair to everyone else to give your money back for months and months prior, is that fair?


So there's no risk. At any point, you can cancel and get your last month's payment back


You have nothing to lose


Now, here's the way this is going to work:


It's not going to be $10,000 up front


Or $6,000 like similar training online


Or $4,000 . . .


Instead . . . you can get started for just:

$97 Scratch that - $47 a month - LIMITED Seats

with no obligation . . . you can literally stop anytime you want:

  • You will get to work with us for one full year

  • You will receive one new training each week for as long as you remain enrolled (over 50 hours of training in one year, delivered weekly)

  • PLUS - you will get 2 hours of get-started-fast training immediately when you sign up

  • The full value of all of this, if we were to sell it all separately, is well over $50,000.00


AND - it's fully guaranteed, fully refundable if you don't get results when you do what we teach


Now - we have to say this: if you don't do the work, you won't make the money. We're going to give you very specific instructions, exactly what to do to help you achieve your goals. And of course, as you are selling products and enrolling people in your own coaching program, you will be making money along the way


How about you?


How would it feel to work with Sean & JayKay?


How much time would you be able to save by getting it right the first time instead of guessing and trial and error?


How much faster could you achieve your goals by working with someone who's been there done that for 7 years running - and easily on track - ALREADY - to doing it a 8th year? (instead of guessing)


So what about you?


Are you ready?


Are you ready to change your life now - forever (at least on this earth!!)


Excellent - go ahead, sign up now
You will get your first training immediately when you sign up


Now here's the thing: with an offer like this, we can't work with just anyone


In fact, we don't want to work with everyone


So we reserve the right to take this offer down at any time


And once we get as many clients as we can handle, we will close this offer or raise the price


If you miss out, you miss out


Frankly, we believe this is the opportunity of a lifetime


This is YOUR year


This is the year to free yourself from the ups and downs of the financial system


This is the year to change your life and free your family


Let's get started today


Get started today for just:

$97 Scratch that - $47 a month - LIMITED Seats

Your choice


Perhaps you are wondering ... well, how are we going to work together?


So we'll share that here


But before we do, let us say this:

Don't buy this because of a bunch of bullet points of all the things you are going to learn

Because we don't want you enrolling with us because you want to learn something on a list of bullet points


That's probably how you've been buying training for years now, and you keep learning bullet points, but you aren't making any more money


We don't want you buying bullet points


You are buying coaching


Working with us


Frankly, we don't know exactly what we're going to teach YOU


Because this is personal


This is going to be about getting YOU to achieve YOUR goals


We'll be coaching you on each step of the way to help you achieve your goals


Not on a bunch of bullet points


Now, how are we going to work with you?


1) You will get to mastermind and network with others in the coaching

2) PLUS - you will get 10 hours of get-started-fast training immediately when you sign up

3) You will get to work with us for one full year. (priceless)

4) You will receive new training each week (over 50 hours of training in the first year)

5) The full value of all of this, if we were to sell it all separately, is well over $50,000.


BUT - if you take action today, you can get in for $97 just $47 a month AND - it's fully guaranteed, fully refundable if you don't get results when you do what we teach - Get coached now for just $47 a month:

Ok, we know a few of you will want bullet points

Because you are used to buying based on bullet points

They are NOT listed in the order you will learn them

We will be teaching them to you in the order the YOU NEED THEM

We are going to work WITH YOU on WHAT YOU NEED - not based on some list of bullet points -

BUT - we know you want them - so here they are:


1) How to position yourself in your niche so you are literally perceived as a GURU within 30 days - no matter what your niche


2) Sean's personal method of determining EXACTLY which products to create and what people will buy from you


3) Step by step directions for creating products in as little as 3-5 hours


4) Sean's stupid-simple sales letter formula - We even GIVE you a sample sales letter he wrote for a client - that you can EASILY customize for your niche (we even give you exact directions for that, as well) - so you can write your first sales letter - in just 2-3 hours


5) Sean's never-before revealed (except to his highest level Platinum clients who pay upwards of $12k to work with him) automation formula for automating in your autoresponder every selling email you ever send...and how to make sure buyers don't get sent the same email again, and how to queue up multiple products in your sales funnel quickly and easily


6) Sean's own secret formula for creating one product per week for 8 weeks in a row, so that by the end of 2 months you have 8 products in your sales funnel, all 8 automatically being promoted to your list based on how long they have been on your list and what they have already bought. How to know if you should REMOVE someone from your email list because they are wasting your time and will probably never buy (did you know we both on purpose delete as many as 10 - 100 subscribers PER DAY from lists depending on these characteristics?)


7) Our brand new personal formula for creating more time in your day for the really important things, and dropping loser tasks like a hot potato (this is a brand new teaching, never before revealed except to about 30 special clients)


8) Additionally, we're going to teach you how to put all of this together, complete with building a list and driving massive traffic - to literally create an automated MACHINE where you literally only have to pour traffic in the front end, and sales come out the backend


In addition, you will learn:


9) How to create a product funnel in just one month, complete with 4 products, ranging from $100 on the low end, to $2000 on the high end


10) How to Determine Precisely What the market will need in your niche - BEFORE it needs it - so that you can BEAT ALL YOUR COMPETITION


11) Precisely Sean's exact formula for writing a sales letter from scratch...without any additional sales letter writing classes or training needed


12) Our own personal never-before-been-revealed outsourcing formula - where we find our workers, how much we pay them, how we keep them motivated and working their hardest


13) One more to-be-announced topic - this will be based on YOUR requests - and these will be evaluated on a first come first served basis AFTER you have enrolled in this class


In addition to our step by step system for creating an automated system that works like clockwork, and that is easy to implement - and the exact system for automating all of this using simple autoresponder techniques (including some hidden techniques many clients have never seen), you are also going to learn:


14) How to know EXACTLY which products to create in WHICH order to get the most sales the fastest

15) How to create incredible levels of profit from the buyers on your list (our buy list generates about $15 PER SUBSCRIBER per month).

16) How to know exactly what to say and write so that BEFORE someone gets to your sales letter they are READY to buy from you

17) How to correctly manage your time so that you are focusing on the IMPORTANT things rather than the URGENT (this is Sean's own blended system he personally developed after studying many time management and life management experts...and his clients who have been exposed to this have been BLOWN AWAY)

18) How to create the precise balance between building relationship and making sales

19) Learn the BEST way to create multiple products fast...in fact, one of my techniques ensures you will have over 50 hours of teaching content in the first year...while simultaneously submitting over 500 articles to ezinearticles ... and you don't write a word!


In addition to our step by step system for writing emails that convert - and the exact system for making sales to your email list, you are also going to learn:


20) How to write subject lines that force people to open your emails and read them

21) How to create incredible levels of response from the emails you write

22) How to create content in your emails that offer the right balance between value for the lead and getting them to click over to your sales page

23) How to correctly writing/crafting/creating your emails so that they consistently create trust and sales

24) How to create the precise balance between content and sales emails to maximize sales from your email list

25) Learn the BEST way to build relationships with your list fast

We'll also teach you:


26) How to use the 7 forms of psychological trust triggers to bond with your subscribers fast so they continue to open your emails over time, and buy from you when asked

27) How to write each of the following types of emails (exactly what they are and how they are used as well): credibility email, content emails, free gift emails, trust building emails, communication emails, high response emails, re-activation emails, buying emails, selling your product emails, selling affiliate product emails, product launch formula emails


28) We will teach you each of those types of emails, exactly how to use them, when to use them in your autoresponder campaign, and how to write each of those kinds of emails

29) How to time the delivery of your emails based on the type of list you have, the niche you are in, and the price point of your product (get this wrong, and sales won't happen)

30) How to know the precise point at which you need to change what you are offering to a particular list, based on their responsiveness

31) How to easily create a product launch series of emails

32) How to use articles and PDFs in your email campaign to create high levels of credibility and trust - and how to sell through those articles and PDFs (A unique twist in article marketing you probably have never seen exactly quite like this)

33) Why some types of emails convert well on some lists but really poorly on others - and how to know the difference

34) How to prepare your subscribers for a new launch of a product or affiliate product and have people ready to take action when the buy button comes out

35) Discover our secrets for building tight bonds with his subscribers so they trust him and not only buy, but consistently purchase multiple products (Sean has some clients who have bought 20, 30...even 40 times from him! AND JayKay's top 600 clients all spent minimum $1,000 with him!) and how you can train your subscribers to do the same thing

36) 3 simple techniques to write your autoresponder campaign...in fact, an easy way to write a 100 - email autoresponder campaign in a short period of time (if you had a 100-email responsive autoresponder campaign, would that increase your income?)

37) Step-by-step methods for writing each individual email


38) How to create multiple sales funnels based on what someone’s first purchase is


39) How to create 50 + email campaigns to sell your products to your new subscribers


40) How to use advanced website optimization to optimize the sales conversion rate of each of those products in the campaign. Meaning that if one product converts at 3% and another converts at 1%, then the one converting at 3% is moved to the front of the campaign and the one converting at 1% is moved to the back of the campaign (or taken off the market, or the sales letter re-written, or the sales letter split test until it performs better, at which point it is moved back to a higher point in the campaign


41) How to create one hour of new training per week (that is 50 hours per year, or 250 after 5 years)

42) How to constantly split test the long term customer value based on which squeeze page and traffic source they come in from


You'll also learn:


43) How to split test the long run customer value based on the first product they buy


44) How to scientifically optimized the process for determining what products will sell the best, based on what they have bought before


45) How to focus on automation, not immediate sales. This is important. Most people are so concerned with making more sales this week, that they don’t automate. And if you don’t automate, you CANNOT grow past your own limit of efficiency. Can’t be done. So you get stuck, just like you most likely are right now


46) How to run a program of constant marginal improvement on my sales letters, emails, email campaigns, email funnels, sales funnels, and all other profit-producing activity


We're Also Going to Teach You:


47) How to master a process of time management that allows us to get more done in 2 hours per day than most people can get done in 10 hours


48) How Sean keeps his business model and his implementation of it drastically simple (you cannot personally manage a million dollar business if you have 117 different systems to monitor). Because of this, he uses very simply processes, very simple software, and advanced sampling techniques rather than tracking every sale and conversion


49) Many more tips and tricks and techniques and things others might call “secrets” that will boost your internet sales 1000% when you implement them


50) Our own personal model for determining what people want to buy, and in what order they want to buy it


51) Step by step exactly how to write a complete series of emails that compels your subscribers to do business with you and not your competition


52) A super-simple system of creating world-wide credibility just by creating and publishing easy content online


Here's what you're ALSO going to learn:


53) Sean's foolproof method of positioning yourself as a guru online fast (30 days)

54) The exact way to get buyers to come into your list. If you don't know this, you are probably getting freebie seekers on your list, and they don't buy ...

55) Our proven 5 hour product creation method for creating internet marketing niche trainings fast that sell for between $37 and $97 easy


56) Sean's secret source for getting sales letters written super fast and that convert really well


57) How to create a coaching program from scratch (with this secret method, you don't even have to write the first lesson before your first client pays you)

58) How to record your coaching lessons in such a way that you turn them into long term products

59) How to outsource your traffic for cheap in the Philippines like we do


60) Our super easy method for building a list fast


61) Sean's own personal method of getting 15% - 20% CTR at ezinearticles while he sleeps


62) How to let your list tell you what they will buy before you create it


63) How to get people to tell you their coaching needs before you create the coaching program

64) The exact formula for writing an eBook that gets results



You are also going to get:


65) Sean's own squeeze page template that is designed for gurus


66) The one secret way that will position yourself as the go-to person for your chosen niche, even if you don't have any experience yet - (without this, you'll struggle to get started)


67) Sean's own secret formula for making your entire business - back-of-the-napkin simple


68) Sean's own $250k formula for info-product selling


69) Sean's own formula for getting people to sign up for coaching without a sales letter


And there's more:


70) We're also going to give you Sean's formula for crafting coaching that is specific to a certain person, recording it, and selling it as training later


71) Sean's personal method of choosing article topics that converts


72) How to use the search engines to drive buyers


73) Sean's own email-writing formula to get people buying fast once they get on your list


74) How to Choose the Right Products for Your Niche, That Your Prospects Really Want to Buy


75) Exactly how to create your first $37 product


76) Exactly how to create your second $97 product


77) Exactly how to create your third $297 product


78) Exactly how to launch an entry level coaching program


And we also teach you:


79) How to easily think up stuff to teach in your niche


80) How to easily outline your products so that they are really easy to create


81) Also - how to easily write an ebook if you want to add one more product


82) How to Create a 4 product funnel in just one month


83) The step by step easy method for easily recording your products fast


And you will learn exactly:


84) How to Create your first product in just 3 hours


85) How to Create your Second product in just 6 hours


86) How to Launch your coaching program with just 5 hours of preparation


87) Step by step how to organize your product funnel with the right products in the right order


88) How to easily sell your new products online

89) How to Become Unbeatable With Backend Automation

90) Methods of Increasing Profit Exponentially


91) Increase sales page conversion rate


92) Implement subscriber acquisition


93) Implement a 90 day daily e-newsletter


94) Create backend training at 5 times the price of the initial product


95) Create a coaching program at a monthly price equal to 2 times the price of the initial product


96) Implement a monthly membership with a price equal to the price of the initial product


97) Create an additional backend training at 10 times the price of the initial product


98) Create a high level training program at 100 times the price of the initial product


99) Increase traffic from high quality sources


100) Increase credibility through writing books and articles


101) Outsource all tasks that do not require your involvement


102) Increase subscriber bonds through email


103) Add an upsell path to every transaction


104) Partner with non-competing training providers for additional revenue streams


105) Create an affiliate program for additional sales


106) Create automated buyer relationship nurturing campaigns


107) Test everything for incremental improvement


108) Target the portion of your market that has the highest profit potential


109) Find an angle your competition isn’t and won’t use (concept of hidden backend)


110) Increase prices


111) Price Anchor for Highest Sales


112) Learn to sell the dream


113) Learn to close based on value not time


114) Sell based on trust not persuasion and hype


115) Discover an Easy Way to Create a Complete Training to Sell 100% from Interviews with Experts...you don't have to create a word of the training!


116) Sean's own special method of using this kind of training to position YOU as the expert...and get to create future products at will using this method


117) How to determine what you will teach on to create a complete training in less than 30 days...and sell for up to $497


118) How to get your subscribers to PAY YOU to create your products live (Sean did this once and he's STILL making money selling the files!)


119) A super - simple way of creating new products FAST even if you have less than 100 subscribers!


120) How to Connect the Dots on Creating Coaching Training AND Product Creation at the SAME time


121) How to sell both products and coaching program clients from the very first month in your information business (Or use this technique to double current sales fast)


122) How to decide EXACTLY what your clients want to learn ... So they will pay top dollar for it fast


123) Sean's own proprietary method of creating one product per month for over 5 years (yes, that's what he did personally, give or take a month or 2 where Sean created more than one product, and a couple of times skipped because of a month-long vacation)


124) This module includes Sean's own personal time management system - the very same system that
has allowed him to be super-productive and do more online than 99% of the rest in 5 years...


125) We teach you how to manage your time so that you only work on what's important ... and literally learn to let everything else...GO....


126) A lot of training out there focuses on your time...We focus on productiveness...and still get to take a lot of time off...We know this module doesn't sound...exciting...but frankly, We don't want to give away too much of how we do it right on this page. We frankly don't want anyone reverse engineering the system from this page


127) Why you have to focus on a targeted part of the market - the part that buys (most people don't buy and if you are targeting volume instead of buyers, no wonder you aren't making enough sales)


128) A real-life example from a 5 year client on how she found Sean (very similar to how MANY people find Sean - and an interesting example of how to use articles in your email marketing business


Well Guys, the scope of this course seems on par with a university course (or at least a part of a university course) on Internet Marketing/Coaching. If it has not happened already then it’s clear that with the growing body of knowledge people will put up their hands and say “I want to go to university to study internet marketing/coaching.” --- Philip Fasan



129) We teach you the easiest coaching model we know of on earth....Our core simplicity model that works like this:


130) First 10 days - credibility campaign (this is a special 10 day email campaign to get people on your list to trust you in 10 days or less


131) Next - a special email series we teach you how to write - that gets the people who want more from you (read: coaching) to raise their hand and identify themselves


132) How to get those people on the phone for a free 20 minute coaching session and how 1 out of 3 who get on the phone with you will buy coaching or buy your training (exact words, what to say and how to say it)


133) What to do next (next 10 emails)


134) What to create next to sell the most (here's the thing...you know you should be making AT LEAST $1 per month per subscriber on your list, right? If you are not...you need this model!)


135) Sean's COMPLETE current traffic model - and we don't plan on sharing this anywhere else - because frankly we don't want 1000's of people doing it like Sean does it


136) Sean's email based content marketing model (we don't know of ANYONE on earth teaching this)


137) Why you shouldn't create beginner level products (this is worth the price of admission alone)


138) Our personal thoughts on video marketing (this is contrary, trust us)


139) Trust Based marketing is based on the idea that people buy based on trust, not sales hype - and we teach you this model here


140) How to build trust fast on your list so people buy fast (the biggest problem with many people's lists is subscribers don't buy soon enough and you get bored, or just plain old go out of business)


141) How to write emails that create trust - frequency, filtering, etc.


142) How to price for long term sales (get this wrong, people buy once or not at all, and your advertising dollars are wasted)


143) How to use pricing psychology to make more sales (we don't know anyone who is teaching this right now - although we think many gurus are doing this, even if they don't even realize it - we also think this may be one distinguishing factor between winning sales campaigns and losing campaigns)


144) Why to price from high to low or low to high


145) What kinds of products to create at what price points to create maximum sales


146) How to filter out beginners who don't buy and just waste your time


147) Why 90% of your subscribers don't buy and how to filter through them


148) Much, much more deep nuanced material Sean never before revealed outside of his highest coaching programs


149) Sean's brand new content marketing model (this is article marketing on steroids)

150) How to leverage yourself 100 - 1000 times over with content marketing supercharged


151) (Note: this is one secret - Sean's new complete content marketing plan - that we weren't planning to reveal before Sean took his business to the covert level with his new marketing launch - but we have decided to include this here before he locks things down)


152) The exact plan for how to maximize Google and search engine traffic over the long term (instead of one month fads that disappear after a few people get results ... You don't want to build that kind of business, trust us)


Go ahead - you know this training is worth every cent, it's 100% guaranteed . . . hundreds of past clients love our training - just do it - get signed up today, let's get you on track today!


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